US buys radiation pills after Putin’s nuclear threats

US buys radiation pills after Putin's nuclear threats

The US Department of Health has purchased pills to treat radiation sickness in case of a nuclear attack. The authorities have already spent $ 290 million on drugs, writes The Hill.

Officials bought preparation Nplate“to prepare to save lives after radiological and nuclear emergencies”. The medicine is designed for children and adults. It helps stop internal bleeding, which is often caused by radiation.

Purchase Nplate came after Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials threatened to use nuclear weapons if necessary. After that, the United States and NATO countries intensified nuclear alert.

Yesterday, US President John Biden declared about the real threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, as Moscow continues to fail in the war in Ukraine.

“For the first time since the Caribbean crisis, we have a direct threat of the use of nuclear weapons if things continue like this,” Biden warned. “I don’t think you can use tactical nuclear weapons accurately without ending up with Armageddon.”

According to The Times, Russia is preparing to conduct nuclear tests on the borders with Ukraine. A missile with a nuclear warhead can strike at an object in the Black Sea or at the territory of the country. Russia has also begun rehearsals for a tactical nuclear strike in the Kaliningrad region, from where missiles can reach western Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, East Germany and the Baltic states.

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