Tourism boom, target of BARMM

Tourism boom, target of BARMM

MANILA, Philippines – One of the members of the interim Bangsamoro parliament has suggested the formation of an agency that will focus on growing tourism in the region.

According to Amir Mawallil, the growth of the tourism sector has accelerated so that it is timely to form a ministry to meet the demand here.

Because of this, Mawallil filed BTA Proposed Bill No. 13 in the formation of the Ministry of Tourism.

Currently, tourism development is covered by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (MTIT).

According to Mawallil, the Ministry of Tourism will focus on the development and introduction of tourism in BARMM as a major socio-economic activity that will create jobs.

It also includes spreading the benefits of tourism to the wider Bangsamoro population.

Mawallil added, the Bangsamoro is in a strategic location because it is included in the Brunei Darussalam – Indonesia – Malaysia – Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area.

“Its proximity to this sub-region in the ASEAN makes it an exciting zone for investors to explore,” aniya. RNT/JGC

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