Shizuoka City

Shizuoka City

On September 17, Shizuoka City started a stamp rally called “Okushizu (Oku Shizuoka)” to promote autumn tourism such as hot springs, autumn leaves, and gourmet food in the northern part of the country. If you collect stamps, a total of 10,000 people will win luxurious prizes by lottery. Until November 30th.

Okushizu refers to the four regions of Okuoi, Abeoku, Okushimizu, and Okuwarashina. There are sightseeing spots such as the unexplored hot spring area “Umegashima Onsenkyo” where Shingen Takeda was healed, and the “Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery” of Shizuoka whiskey.

“Shizuoka City Tabi Tabi Oxyz Rally” is a 20,000-yen accommodation voucher for Umegashima Hot Spring Village, Gaia, and more. You can win a flow tour pair invitation ticket, a meal ticket worth 10,000 yen at a restaurant, etc.

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