PBBM good job sa first 100 days!

PBBM good job sa first 100 days!

MANILA, Philippines – Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri and House Speaker Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez assessed President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s first 100 days as Chief Executive as both ‘good job’ and ‘great job’

“He is doing a good job. He jumpstarted it with Cabinet meetings on a daily basis, he is the best salesman in the country. During PGMA’s term, many investors entered the eco zones but after that, no one entered [na mga investor].” Zubiri said.

Zubiri explained that the Philippines is catching up again in increasing the number of investors due to the skill of President Marcos after the country was allegedly abandoned by neighboring countries in South East Asia such as Vietnam.

In the interview with Romualdez, he said that Marcos did a “great job and a wonderful job” in that he allegedly engaged his “friends” in the international community which is why there are more incoming foreign direct investments in country.

As an example, Romualdez said that Singapore which is the leading source of foreign direct investments has been welcomed and has a good outlook towards the administration of President Marcos.

Romualdez said that he is “very excited” about what will happen in the Marcos administration.

Former President Gloria Arroyo’s assessment of Marcos, Jr.’s first 100 days was also good.

On the economy, Arroyo insisted that now the Senior Deputy Speaker of the 19th Congress, the economic team formed by PBBM to deal with the impact of global tension in Ukraine and Taiwan is ‘impressive’.

It is said that the President has also shown to be a calm and considerate leader who is true to his aspiration to be the president of all.

This October 8 is the first 100 days of PBBM as the 17th president of the Philippines and he is the second Marcos to become the President of the country.

President Marcos said that his election promises have been settled in his first 100 days as he formed a powerhouse team of economic advisers, including Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno.

In this regard, Senator Robinhood Padilla urged that Filipinos should unite, and support what is right and correct the mistakes because the success of the president is the success of all Filipinos. RNA

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