Nobel Peace Prize to activists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

Nobel Peace Prize to activists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

OSLO, Norway (AP) — This year’s Nobel Peace Prize will imprison Belarusian rights activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian Memorial group and the Ukrainian organization the Center for Civil Liberties, the award’s jury said Friday.

Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said the judges wanted to honor “the three champions of human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence in the neighboring countries of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.”

“Through their consistent efforts in supporting humanitarian values ​​and anti-militarism and the principles of law, this year’s winners have revived and honored Alfred Nobel’s vision of peace and brotherhood among nations, a vision that is most needed in today’s world. ” he told reporters in Oslo.

The award follows a tradition of highlighting groups and activists who seek to prevent conflict, alleviate hardship and protect human rights.

Last year’s winner has had a tough time since receiving the prize. Journalist Dmitry Muratov from Russia and Maria Ressa from the Philippines has fight for the survival of their news organizationagainst government efforts to silence them

They were honored last year for “their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression, which is a prerequisite for democracy and lasting peace.”

Nobel Prize Announcement Week start Monday with Swedish scientists Svante Paabo receives award in medicine to unlock the secrets of Neanderthal DNA that provide important insights into our immune system.

Three scientists jointly won a prize in physics Tuesday. Alain Aspect from France, John F. Clauser from America and Anton Zeilinger from Austria have shown that tiny particles can maintain a connection to each other even when separated, a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement, which can be used for specialized computing and to encrypt information.

The Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded Wednesday to American Carolyn R. Bertozzi and K. Barry Sharpless, and Danish scientist Morten Meldal to develop ways of “combining molecules” that can be used to explore cells, map DNA, and design drugs that can more precisely target diseases such as cancer.

French writer Annie Ernaux won this year’s Nobel Prize in literature Thursday. The panel praised her for blending fiction and autobiography in books that fearlessly delve into her experiences as a working-class woman to explore life in France since the 1940s.

The 2022 Nobel Prize in Economics will be announced on Monday.

The prize is a cash prize of 10 million Swedish kronor (nearly $900,000) and will be distributed on 10 December. The money comes from a legacy left by the creator of the prize, Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel, in 1895.

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