National ID can now be downloaded, printed-PSA

National ID can now be downloaded, printed-PSA

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) announced that you can now download the digital version of your national identification (ID) card.

This is particularly true for individuals who still haven’t received their actual ID.

The PSA also insists to all businesses or those who need an ID that the electronic version of the PhilSys ID is legitimate and should be accepted as a valid ID.

“This is to inform the public and all relying parties of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) on the use and acceptance of the various formats of the PhilSys digital ID, including the printed ePhilID (electronic Philippine ID), as a valid and sufficient proof of identity and age, subject to authentication,” anang PSA sa public advisory nito sa kanilang website.

It also said that the printed ePhilID must be accepted as a person’s official government-issued identification document for his transactions in all national government agencies, local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) ). , government financial institutions (GFIs), financial institutions, and the private sector.

PSA points out that the printed ePhilID shows the person’s PhilSys Card Number (PCN) and basic demographic information such as last name, given name, middle name and suffix (if applicable), gender, blood type, marital status ( if declared), date and place of birth, front-facing photograph, address, date of generation, and a QR Code.

It is noted that the QR code contains selected demographic details and the registrant’s face photo for easier verification.

It also uses public-private key cryptography to ensure that the information in the QR code cannot be tampered with, PSA said.

To ensure the ID is legitimate, it can be authenticated by scanning the QR code through PhilSys Check,

“If the ePhilID is authentic, the PhilSys Check will show a successful verification message and must match the demographic information found on the printout, as well as the face-to-face photo of the person,” the PSA said. RNA

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