Meta warns about a data breach of a million Facebook users

Meta warns about a data breach of a million Facebook users

The American company Meta Platforms* reported a possible data breach of at least one million users of its social network Facebook*. Personal information may have been stolen due to security issues with apps downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, writes Bloomberg.

The company found more than 400 malicious services masquerading as photo editors, mobile games, VPNs or health trackers. Of these, 355 were available for download on Android, 45 on iOS. Users were offered to log in to applications via Facebook, after which the data fell to the attackers. Apple and Google said they have already removed these programs from their stores.

Meta’s Director of Cyber ​​Threats, David Agranovich, noted that so far they have not been able to determine the exact number of victims, since the theft of data occurred on personal devices.

The company promised help potential victims of attackers to learn how to identify dangerous applications. Agranovich advised to be wary of services that require authorization in social networks to access any functions.

Previously Meta discovered a network spreading Russian propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine. The pro-Kremlin point of view was broadcast through hundreds of fake social media accounts and dozens of fake websites copying major Western media such as Britain’s The Guardian and Germany’s Der Spiegel.

Agranovich noted that more than 1,600 fake accounts were identified on Facebook alone to spread propaganda among audiences in Germany, Italy, France, the UK and Ukraine. Several times the content was published on the official pages of Russian embassies in Europe and Asia.

The disinformation campaign lasted from April to September and was the largest since the beginning of the Russian invasion – according to Meta estimates, its organizers spent more than $100,000 just promoting fake pages on social networks.

* Recognized as extremist and banned in Russia

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