JTB Communication Design and Terra Motors form a business alliance to build a sustainable tourism infrastructure centered on the EV charging infrastructure network

JTB Communication Design and Terra Motors form a business alliance to build a sustainable tourism infrastructure centered on the EV charging infrastructure network

JTB Communication Design and Terra Motors announced on September 29 that they will form a business alliance to build a sustainable tourism infrastructure centered on the EV charging infrastructure network.

JTB Communication Design (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroki Furuno) and Terra Motors Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Toru Tokushige) are aiming for a green transformation, EV * 1 With the charging infrastructure network as the core, we will form a business alliance to build a sustainable transportation and tourism infrastructure that conserves the environment, optimizes energy use, and revitalizes the local economy.

Electric vehicles (BEV*2, PHEV*3) are expected to spread rapidly due to the worsening environmental problems and the acceleration of technological innovation. There are many issues with the services we used, and immediate improvements are required. Therefore, the two companies will expand the EV charging infrastructure network at both the starting point and destination of life, and build a foundation that provides optimal information and services to users using movement information, thereby realizing a decarbonized society. We will contribute to a sustainable society by proposing new modes of transportation and tourism based on the premise.

​ Electric vehicles have several problems, such as long charging time, short mileage, and biased charging spots. Through collaboration between the two companies, we will not only provide optimal charging spots, but also propose ways to spend time while charging (activities such as cycle sharing and sightseeing information such as gourmet food) to encourage excursions, increase stay time and increase consumption. contribute to In addition, EV charging infrastructure that is beneficial to both users and destinations, such as setting charging usage fees according to regional energy demand (dynamic pricing, granting charging benefits, etc.) and enabling local production and local consumption of renewable energy. By building a service foundation, we aim to contribute to the creation of a comfortable EV life, the revitalization of local economies, and the realization of a low-carbon society.

EV*1: Electric vehicle
BEV*2: Battery EV (100% electric vehicle)
PHEV*3: Plug-in hybrid EV (rechargeable hybrid vehicle)

  • Outline of business alliance and business model

1.Installation of Terra Charge (Terra Motors charger) for basic charging and destination charging functions
・Installation of basic charging infrastructure for condominiums, commercial facilities, public facilities, supermarkets, etc. 10,000 units
・Destination charging infrastructure installed at accommodation facilities, leisure facilities, outlets, etc. 5,000 units
(New installation target by 2025)
2.Building applications and providing services that use the installed EV charging infrastructure
・Provision of charging service for a fee
・Function to provide timely information on surrounding contents while traveling
・ Function to provide discount coupons for restaurants, etc. near the installed charger (provide ways to spend time while charging)
・Collaboration with mobility services such as cycle sharing attached to installed chargers (promoting excursions within the area)
3.Utilization of data and cooperation with energy management systems
・Personalized information transmission to users using charging data, movement data, content purchase data while moving, etc. (Attract customers by transmitting highly accurate information to prospective customers)
・Contribution to energy management through dynamic pricing and output adjustment according to regional energy demand
・Promote local production and local consumption of energy by supplying locally produced energy (renewable energy)

  • Thoughts of both companies on the business alliance

Ltd.JTB Communication Design(JCD)

In 2012, we installed EV chargers nationwide with the aim of preserving the environment and attracting customers to tourist spots, and have continued to operate them. In the future, in addition to the perspective of developing EV charging infrastructure in preparation for the mobility shift, we will develop chargers that contribute to improving user convenience and provide information services. We will work to solve the problems of possible energy. In addition, the disadvantages of EV such as travel distance, charging time, charging place, etc. are regarded as advantages, and by designing a new style of travel with EV, such as attracting customers at charging spots and increasing consumption, we will revitalize the region. It also contributes to In order for the global environment and local economies to coexist in harmony, and for people to come into contact with rich nature, culture, and history in a sustainable manner, it is essential to realize sustainable tourism through green transformation. Taking advantage of the business alliance with Terra Motors, we would like to form a solid tag with both companies and work on building a foundation.

Terra Motors Inc.

Since our founding 12 years ago, we have consistently worked on the EV business. We have strengths in the ability to build and promote well-thought-out innovative business models, and we are expanding our business beyond the standpoint of a mere manufacturer, incorporating FinTech and IoT. We have launched the EV charging infrastructure “Terra Charge” business with full satisfaction, and have empathized with our company’s desire to play a role in Japan’s EV charging infrastructure, and this time we have entered into a business alliance with JCD. In addition to installing charging facilities, we will strive to create new industries in Japan by providing social infrastructure and platforms.
Going forward, the two companies will work together to develop Japan’s EV charging infrastructure and expand the number of users using the service. The “Terra Charge” app used when using the service aims to become a platform that realizes a fulfilling life by strengthening service cooperation with the JTB Group, while at the same time improving satisfaction with the purpose of travel based on travel information. We will work on building an evolutionary MaaS model that

What is Terra Charge

In addition to EV charging facilities, we also provide a dedicated application and management cloud for setting charging times and bill payments, providing explanations to condominium management associations, etc. necessary to start providing services, installing charging facilities, hardware and software. We are consistently responsible for the management and operation of For existing condominiums, in order to solve the consensus-building issue that is a barrier to introduction, we provide the service with no initial costs and no running costs, and the number of decisions to install it is growing at a pace that far exceeds expectations. In order to improve the charging infrastructure environment throughout Japan, we aim to create an environment where EVs become more familiar in Japan by promoting the provision of services that go beyond existing condominiums.
Terra Charge service page:https://terramotors.co.jp/terra-charge/

Ltd.JTB Communication Design (JCD) Company Profile

Established: April 1988
Capital: 100 million yen
Location: 12th floor, Celestine Shiba Mitsui Building, 3-23-1 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8335

Business overview: MICE (meetings, conventions, various events, exhibition management, test management, online events), promotion, anniversary business, organizational activation/human resource development (motivation/hospitality), area management (facilities management production, regional revitalization production) , regional revitalization business (regional promotion, power supply, etc.), support for inbound visitors to Japan (customer attraction promotion, content development, tourist information center operation, etc.), sports entertainment, digital solutions, etc. As a professional in all aspects of communication, we combine our know-how and skills, provide services and knowledge, and go beyond our customers’ expectations.

Terra Motors Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Established: April 2010
Capital: 1.9 billion yen (including capital reserve)
Address: 〒105-0004 9-10, 3-chome, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Business overview: A global venture from Japan with the mission of “creating new industries and making society more convenient” and aiming to become a leading company in the sustainable e-mobility industry. We will build charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV) and perform the entire process from development to sales of 2-wheel and 3-wheel EVs. Based in Japan and India, we will realize a mobility platform in Japan, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, and we will contribute to the realization of a world where EVs are more familiar with Terra’s strength of co-creation culture.

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