Demand for eggs decreased due to budget shortages

Demand for eggs decreased due to budget shortages

MANILA, Philippines – The price of eggs in the market dropped due to low demand from consumers here.

The poultry group said this Friday that the low demand is caused by the lack of budget of egg buyers, which is why its demand also decreased, causing the farm gate price offered by producers to decrease.

When market stocks move slowly, retailers have no choice but to raise egg prices to cover losses, prompting producers to lower gate farm prices to sell, he explained. by Philippine Egg Board Association chairman Gregorio San Diego. Television.

Right now, the medium price of eggs drops to P5.50 to P5.70 per piece from P6.20, said San Diego.

“Our problem now is not supply, our problem now is demand… Eggs are the cheapest source of protein, but people still raise the price,” he insisted.

“That’s what we’ve been saying to the DA before. Do not understand the supply, he should help us with the demand because there are few people who shop. There is no purchase,” he added.

Analysts say that as inflation rises, consumers make fewer trips to the markets.

It can be recalled that inflation dropped to 6.9 percent in September, exceeding the government’s target of 2 to 4 percent. RNA

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