Crews make progress on shipping containers at Arizona border

Crews make progress on shipping containers at Arizona border

(NewsNation) — Crews begin deploying more shipping containers along the Arizona section of the US-Mexico border in Cochise County.

Arizona start moving in containers earlier this yearto close the gap in the border wall near the southern farming community of Yuma.

On Wednesday, NewsNation reported, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey sent 300 more to Cochise County, to add to the hundreds of others who have already filled the void. NewsNation’s Ali Bradley said Thursday that the project is making progress.

After departing from the area in Whetstone, the containers were taken to a staging area at an undisclosed location in Cochise County.

The state-led project is planned to span 10 miles along federal land. About $560 million has been set aside for border security, Ducey said, which includes this border barrier.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels declined to provide details but said he supported the governor’s plan to create a barrier in the area.

“I respect the governor’s efforts to keep our state, my community safe, especially Cochise County,” Dannels said.

NewsNation has contacted the governor’s office to find out the progress made on the project. The US Forest Service told Bradley that they are working with federal, state and tribal partners to protect forest lands in Arizona.

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