[Bookshelf]Vienna Confectionery Encyclopedia Origin and how to make confectionery

[Bookshelf]Vienna Confectionery Encyclopedia Origin and how to make confectionery

On the 12th, Seibundo Shinkosha will release “Vienna Confectionery Encyclopedia: Origin and Method of Confectionery”.

Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will release “Vienna Confectionery Encyclopedia Origin and How to Make Confectionery” on October 12, 2022 (Wednesday).

The world of splendid Viennese confectionery that reflects the history of Europe.

Vienna, the city of music and art,The city of historic sweetsBut it was.
Vienna isTrade center connecting the Middle East and EuropeandInfluenced by the food culture of Arab countries and Eastern Europeis deeply received.

Habsburg historyWhile deeply involved withDevelopment while incorporating elements of the food culture of neighboring countriesViennese sweets have been popular with kings and aristocrats.

While looking back at such history,Viennese sweets full of charmWould you like to make a

After working as an assistant for Minako Imada,St. Pölten Confectionery School in ViennaA culinary researcher who learned traditional sweets inYoko Kosuge from ConversacsionA collection of recipes for Viennese pastry.

In this book, in addition to how to makeAn introduction to the history, origins, and other episodes, as well as authentic café cultureAnd so on.

Desserts to enjoy at restaurants and cafesfromhome made sweetsUp to, it covers Viennese confectionery,I tried to make the recipe as easy as possible to make at home.It has been.

Authentic confectionery makingwhile enjoying theTaste the storybe able to“Delicious book”is.

[Table of contents excerpt]

Part 1
Kuchen, Torten und Schnitten Kuchen, Torte, Schnitten
Dobostorte / Linzertorte / Malakoftorte / Sachertorte / Topfentorte / Eltbear Zahnekreme torte / etc.

Part 2
Dessert hot dessert, cold dessert
Mohr im Hemt/Apfelstrudel/Milchlamstrudel/Kaiserschmarren/Salzburger Nockel…etc.

Part 3
Fermentierte Süßigkeiten Fermented sweets and pies

Part 4
Teegebäck und Weihnachtsplätzchen Tegebäck and Christmas sweets
Vanilescheiben/Mandelbrot/Schneeballen/Mellingen/Kokomac Kronen/Lorentina Schnitten…etc

how to make basic dough
favorite tableware
Private Vienna Cafe Guide
Ingredients that create Viennese confectionery 6
About the shape of the Viennese pastry8
About cream, sauce and meringue
Austrian holidays and observances

[Author profile]

Yoko Kosuge
Western confectionery and cooking researcher. After graduating from Kagawa Nutrition Junior College, she worked as an assistant to Professor Minako Imada, followed by WIFI confectionery school in Vienna, Richmond confectionery school in Switzerland, sugar art in England, and cooking and table art for Marie Debruy in Paris. learn. Currently, he presides over “Cooking Studio Conversation”. He does cooking, confectionery classes, seminars, TV, magazines, product development, etc. She is a Lifelong Learning Lecturer at Kagawa Nutrition University and presides over the Kanten Recipe Club. His publications include “Bake & Slightly Paint Naked Cake” (Shogakukan), “Agar Dessert from 0kcal” (Shufunotomosha), “Particularly Frozen and Parental Rice” (Kagawa Nutrition University Publishing Department), and many others.Hosted by Cooking Studio Conversacion

【Book Summary】

Book title: Vienna Confectionery Encyclopedia Origin and how to make confectionery
Author: Yoko Kosuga
Specifications: A5 variant, 224 pages
List price: 2,970 yen (tax included)
Release date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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