Abalos stops providing police security to POGO operators

Abalos stops providing police security to POGO operators

MANILA, Philippines – Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Benhur Abalos Jr. ordered. This Friday, October 7, the deployment of the police security detail to foreigners working in the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) will be stopped.

This is what the Secretary said at the Senate hearing after lawmakers questioned the deployment of the Philippine National Police Police Security and Protection Group’s (PNP-PSPG) to foreigners working in the POGO industry.

“If the Philippines is such a dangerous place for them, why are they happy to do business?” he asked. proposed by Senate Minority Leader Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III.

Senator Sonny Angara’s point of view is the same as that of Pimentel, who said that Filipinos who pay taxes for the PNP-PSPG personnel should be allocated to the citizens of the country and not to foreigners.

It can be recalled that PNP chief Police General Rodolfo Azurini Jr. said. that he has already ordered the screening of individuals who will be given security from the PSPG.

He explained that these private individuals are requesting security from the PNP-PSPG to ensure direct contact with the agency.

Because of this, former PNP chief Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa suggested that Azurin issue an order to stop the deployment of PSPG to POGO workers.

“When the issue is very hot about POGO, it’s just an order of yours. ‘Oh PSPG stop providing security to these POGO operators.’ Because if they need a lot of security, that means they are engaged in a very dangerous business,” said Dela Rosa.

“They are here to engage not on a legal business, maybe they are doing an illegal business so they want to have a lot of security. So that’s just an order, stop it, don’t give a lot of security,” he added.

Information also surfaced that some bodyguards of big personalities in POGO are preventing Filipinos from going to places like public restrooms when their bosses are there.

“In order to clear your organization, tell them to stop deploying security to these POGO operators so that this issue can be over while it’s hot,” stressed Dela Rosa.

“I’m directing our chief to look into this. Number one, the person who should be prosecuted should be prosecuted, the foreigner cannot urinate, cannot enter. We are in the Philippines, this is not possible,” he added.

In an interview with journalists, Abalos said that the order stopping the deployment of police security to POGO workers will be implemented immediately. RNT/JGC

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