Zubiri to the Ombudsman: Anti-red tape law give opportunity

Zubiri to the Ombudsman: Anti-red tape law give opportunity

MANILA, Philippines- A law against bureaucratic red tape is needed to support the government’s “ease of doing business” effort, according to Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri this Thursday.

The lawmaker said he is open to possible adjustments to the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) law after the Office of the Ombudsman called for its abolition due to “duplication of functions.”

“I am appealing to our dear Ombudsman that we dialogue so that our steps for red tape are not a waste,” he said in a briefing. “If we abolish ARTA and repeal the law, it is 1,000 steps to the wrong direction.”

At the House budget hearing last month, Ombudsman Samuel Martires said the House “can amend or repeal the ARTA law, which is an unconstitutional law as it usurps or encroaches upon the powers of the Ombudsman.”

Former President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 signed Republic Act 11032 which amended the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007. ARTA was also created under the law.

Sinabi ni Zubiri, may akda ng ARTA law, na nilikha ito “with the singular goal of cutting the bureaucratic red tape and developing a business-friendly environment where government transactions and applications are processed as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

He revealed that the law recognizes the authority of the Ombudsman, while the ARTA cay can only recommend and open investigations, and refer them to the Ombudsman. RNT/SA

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