US accuses Russian hackers of hacking government websites

US accuses Russian hackers of hacking government websites

Russian hackers from the Killnet group made a number of attacks on government sites in the states of Colorado, Kentucky and Mississippi and others, writes CNN.

In particular, websites of election commissions were affected, which contain information on how to register for the upcoming midterm elections to the Senate in November. At the same time, the websites of state election commissions do not directly participate in the filing or counting of votes, but only serve as information support for voters.

The hacker group Killnet, which claimed responsibility for the attack on the sites on October 5, stepped up its activities after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are a loose group of “hacktivists” – politically motivated hackers backed by the Kremlin. However, the US does not have exact information about how the hackers are connected with the Russian government.

“This group is capable of causing disruptions, but organizations need to understand what kind of risk Killnet actually poses to their operations,” says Jason Passwaters, chief operating officer of security firm Intel 471. He urged not to inflate the significance of Killnet unwanted publicity and not create a false sense of doom in people about the actions of hackers.

Earlier, the FBI said it sees a Russian footprint in the midterm elections, which elect 435 members of the House of Representatives and 35 senators. There is no threat to voting systems, but messages appear on the Internet that try to undermine the credibility of the vote and its results, representatives of the intelligence service explained.

In addition to Russia, China and Iran are trying to influence the opinion of American voters. However, it is Russia that is most active. One of the pain points that Russia is pressing on is US policy towards Ukraine and its impact on fuel prices.

The FBI does not conduct public opinion polls, so they cannot say how effective Russia’s actions are in this regard. But the FBI also records threats against poll workers. There have been more than a thousand such cases since June 2021, most of them in states that have had the most heated debate over the 2020 election results.

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