Student being drawn by a fellow student

Student being drawn by a fellow student

ILOCOS SUR- A Grade 9 student was injured after being stabbed by an angry Grade 10 student in Narvacan town of this province.

The victim and the suspect are both 15-years-old, both residents of said town.

It appears from the investigation that the suspect was on his way home but the victim followed him.

When the victim got close, he suddenly punched the suspect in the head and the two fought until they wrestled on the ground.

It is said that the suspect took out a folded knife or a knife and stabbed the victim four times, then he tried to run away but was stopped by the bystanders present.

The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The authorities recovered the folded knife or baliso used by the suspect with a length of seven inches including the handle.

The authorities are still investigating to find out the root cause of the fight between the two students. Rolando S. Gamoso

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