Resources for the South Commuter Railway Project, will be used properly – PBBM

Resources for the South Commuter Railway Project, will be used properly – PBBM

MANILA, Philippines- President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. the government will use all the resources for the South Commuter Railway Project

“With the signing of these packages, we demonstrate to our people that we are serious about pursuing large projects for infrastructure to foster growth and revitalize our economy, in spite of the adjustments that we have had to make to compensate for the shocks that the world situation has brought to the Philippines,” ayon sa Pangulo sa isinagawang contract signing para sa  South Commuter Railway Project ng  North-South Commuter Railway sa Laguna.

“Indeed, those efforts will all redound to the fulfillment of a more united and dynamic nation. I join our people in anticipating the eventual progress and completion of this railway project. As your President, I will make sure that every resource that will be used here will be maximized for the success of this entire endeavor,” wika pa ng Pangulo.

Sinabi ng Chief Executive na “the South Commuter Railway Project is expected to contribute in seamlessly transporting passengers from Clark, Pampanga and Calamba City, Laguna, and all the train stations in between.”

The South Commuter Railway Project, which includes 56 kilometers between Manila and Laguna, aims to reduce the travel time between the two places from three hours to just one hour.

It is estimated that it can accommodate 340,000 passengers per day.

Considered to be the largest Asian Development Bank infrastructure-funded project in Asia, the President expressed his gratitude to the multilateral lender for the assistance to the Philippines.

“Those partnerships are something that we hold very, very valuable, and for that, I once again have to thank them for their continuing interest in the Philippines and their continuing assistance and support and belief in the Philippines and the future of the Philippines,” ang wika ng Pangulo.

“We welcome this development at a time when we are going — and we have used this phrase often — full speed ahead towards modernization and our transport system and we are reclaiming our lives from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is what all of this truly means,” dagdag na pahayag nito.

Meanwhile, the President called the attention of the Department of Transportation, all concerned agencies, local government units, and even partners and other stakeholders, to ensure the proper and honest implementation of the project. Chris Joseph

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