Marcos admin received ‘majority approval rating’ on 11 issues

Marcos admin received 'majority approval rating' on 11 issues

MANILA, Philippines- The Marcos administration recorded majority approval ratings on 11 out of 13 issues where its performance was assessed in the Pulse Asia September 2022 Ulat ng Bayan survey that was made public on Thursday.

In the results of the said survey conducted from September 17 to 21 with 1,200 respondents, Pulse Asia found that the current administration received the highest approval rating of +75 (78 percent approval, 3 percent disapproval) in its response to the needs of disaster-affected areas.

The administration also received a majority approval rating of +74 (78 percent approval, 19 percent disapproval) in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

“Appreciation is also the majority sentiment toward the Marcos government’s work in promoting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (+65; 68 percent approval, 3 percent disapproval), promoting peace in the country (+62; 69 percent approval, 7 percent disapproval), fighting criminality (+58; 67 percent approval, 9 percent disapproval), and enforcing the rule of law (+53; 62 percent approval, 9 percent disapproval),” ayon sa ulat.

The Marcos administration also received approval on other key issues: creating more jobs (+47; 59 percent approval, 12 percent disapproval), raising wages (+46; 59 percent approval, 13 percent disapproval), fighting graft and government corruption (+45; 58 percent approval, 13 percent disapproval), protecting the environment (+46; 57 percent approval, 11 percent disapproval), and defending the country’s territorial integrity (52 percent (+43; 52 percent approval, 9 percent disapproval.

“However, when it comes to controlling inflation, the only majority urgent national concern, the plurality opinion among Filipino adults (42 percent) is one of disapproval for the national administration’s performance,” ayon sa Pulse Asia.

Meanwhile, the current administration’s performance rating for controlling inflation is -11 (31 percent approval, 42 percent disapproval).

While the Marcos administration on poverty reduction received similar approval and indecision figures of 39 percent and 35 percent, (respectively). The performance rating is +13. Chris Joseph

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