Majority of Filipinos are concerned about inflation – survey

Majority of Filipinos are concerned about inflation - survey

MANILA, Philippines- Most Filipinos declared that controlling inflation is the national issue that the Marcos administration needs to act on immediately, based on the latest results of the Pulse Asia survey released this Thursday.

In the Ulat ng Bayan survey conducted from Sept. 17 to 21 with 1,200 respondents, 66 percent of Filipinos identified controlling inflation as the “most urgent” national concern amid the continued rise in prices of basic commodities.

“This is the prevailing view in all geographic areas and socio-economic classes (56 percent to 81 percent and 51 percent to 71 percent, respectively),” sabi ng Pulse Asia.

Also, 44 ​​percent of Filipino adults said the increase in workers’ wages is the urgent national concern.

Thirty-five percent said job creation, while 34 percent wanted to alleviate poverty.

Based on Pulse Asia, there is little change in public opinion regarding urgent national concerns from June 2022 to September 2022.

“The level of concern about controlling inflation—the only national issue considered urgent by most adults (66 percent)—increases (+9 percentage points) while concern about creating more jobs also becomes more pronounced (+6 percentage points). In contrast, public concern regarding peace promotion in the country eases during the same period (-6 percentage points),” anito.

“Criminality and involuntary hunger are issues that concern about a fifth of the adult population (19 percent and 17 percent, respectively) while enforcing the rule of law in the country is mentioned by a little over a tenth (12 percent),” sabi pa ng Pulse Asia.

Subalit, kaunting Filipino adults lamang ang nababahala sa mga sumusunod na isyu: “helping small entrepreneurs (9 percent), protecting the environment (9 percent), promoting peace (8 percent), reducing the amount of taxes paid by citizens (7 percent), controlling the spread of Covid-19 (5 percent), defending national territorial integrity (5 percent), protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (4 percent), and preparing to deal with terroristic threats (2 percent).”

“Controlling inflation is the leading first-ranked urgent national concern (35 percent). The top second-ranked concerns are inflation (18 percent), workers pay (17 percent), and employment (14 percent),” pahayag ng Pulse Asia.

“As regards third-ranked concerns, the most often mentioned ones are inflation (13 percent), jobs (13 percent), poverty (13 percent), workers’ pay (12 percent), corruption (8 percent), and involuntary hunger (8 percent),” patuloy nito.

Inflation aside, Pulse Asia said another issue of concern to most across geographic and socio-economic sub-groupings is the increase in wages for workers, an urgent concern identified by 55 percent in Class ABC and 54 percentage in Class E. RNT/SA

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