KCTU Seoul workers “Seoul city, stop attempts at restructuring and budget cuts”

KCTU Seoul workers “Seoul city, stop attempts at restructuring and budget cuts”

On the 6th, workers in the Seoul area of ​​the KCTU urged the city of Seoul to stop restructuring and budget cuts and to expand manpower to ensure basic labor rights and safety.

The Seoul Headquarters of the Confederation of Trade Unions held a press conference in front of the Seoul City Hall on the morning of the same day and pointed out that “Seoul is promoting the consolidation and abolition of public institutions, the outsourcing of safety work from the Seoul Transportation Corporation, reduction of manpower, and budget cuts of private agencies in charge of public services.” .

The Confederation of Trade Unions is concerned that such restructuring and budget cuts will threaten the employment and safety of workers affiliated with Seoul’s related institutions and will hinder the provision of public services to the citizens of Seoul.

According to them, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting reduction and outsourcing of safety personnel, including the reduction and outsourcing of vehicle inspection personnel for the Seoul Transportation Corporation, and the introduction of one-man crew on Line 2. In addition, in a situation where the demand for expansion of public health care has increased since Corona 19, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is pushing for the integration and abolition of the Public Health and Medical Foundation, and the budget cuts for labor-related consigned organizations and the closure of the project are also taking place.

It is also pointed out that there is no will to secure a budget to guarantee the rights of the disadvantaged workers who are in the blind spot of basic labor rights. Last month, the KCTU called for policies and budgets to guarantee the rights of unorganized workers at small workplaces, such as guaranteeing paid sick leave and subsidizing social insurance premiums. However, the city of Seoul is known to have difficulty in securing a budget for the project.

The KCTU said, “The biggest problem is that Mayor Oh Se-Hoon and the Seoul Metropolitan Government are not listening to the voices of workers.” “Despite constant requests for interviews, Mayor Oh Se-Hoon meets with the Seoul headquarters of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions after taking office and does not talk to the KCTU in a biased course. We have maintained our relationship.”

He also warned, “If we reject the demands for safety and labor rights while pushing for restructuring and budget cuts, the Seoul headquarters of the KCTU will have no choice but to fight against the city of Seoul by gathering the strength of the workers in the Seoul area.”

They urged the Seoul Metropolitan Government to stop restructuring and amalgamation of public institutions and increase safety manpower, stop trying to cut budgets for private entrusted agencies, expand the budget to eliminate blind spots for basic labor rights, and directly hire call center workers from investment and funding agencies in Seoul.

Kim Jin-eok, head of the Seoul Confederation of Trade Unions, said, “The city of Seoul should stop its anti-labour policy. It is not hypocrisy and deceit that only talk about accompaniment with the underprivileged. do,” he emphasized.

He also urged Mayor Oh Se-hoon to engage in direct dialogue with the Seoul headquarters of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the labor unions of workplaces where Seoul is the actual employer.

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