Hotel Vischio Amagasaki launches new Hello Kitty sweets

Hotel Vischio Amagasaki launches new Hello Kitty sweets

Hotel Vischio Amagasaki released new Hello Kitty sweets on the 1st.

Hotel Vischio Amagasaki, operated by Amagasaki Hotel Development Co., Ltd. (Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, President Etsuko Oya), will open at the cafe and restaurant “West River” from Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30. ), we will sell two types of new sweets commemorating Hello Kitty’s birthday on November 1st.

The Hello Kitty Room at Hotel Vischio Amagasaki will be on sale from October 19, 2019, and will celebrate its 3rd anniversary this year.
We have sold Hello Kitty sweets, including the Hello Kitty Room, which is loved by many customers.

From October 1st (Sat) to November 6th (Sun), we will be selling “Hello Kitty Baked Apple Donuts”.
A baked donut made with apple compote and apple tea leaves kneaded into the dough, topped with a large Hello Kitty made with a special apple jelly with fresh and compote apples with different textures, fresh cream, and rare cheese mousse. The rare cheese mousse also contains a special apple jelly, so you can enjoy it without getting tired of it.
From November 8th (Tuesday) to November 30th (Wednesday), “Hello Kitty’s Apple Tea Madeleine” will be on sale. The dough is the same as the baked apple donut, baked in a madeleine mold, and decorated with pink heart chocolate and yellow star-shaped chocolate.
The elegant and charming finish will make you exclaim, “Cute!”

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the original Hello Kitty sweets of Hotel Vischio Amagasaki.

  • About Hello Kitty New Sweets

Sales period Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Sunday, November 30, 2022 * Closed on Mondays (excluding holidays)
Sales store Hotel Vischio Amagasaki 2F
Cafe & Restaurant “West River”
Sale time 11:30-21:00
*It may be sold out even within the time limit. Please note.

■ Hello Kitty Baked Apple Donuts

Sales period: Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Sunday, November 6, 2022

Sales price: 600 yen

■ Hello Kitty Apple Tea Madeleine

Sales period: November 8 (Tue)-November 30 (Sun), 2022

Sales price: 500 yen

*Prices include consumption tax.
*You can also eat it in the store.
*The rare cheese mousse Hello Kitty design is subject to change.
※The image is an image.

*Restaurant business hours can be confirmed from the following URL.

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