First 100 days of PBBM approving Spox Romualdez

First 100 days of PBBM approving Spox Romualdez

MANILA, Philippines- House Speaker Romualdez gave high marks for the first 100 days of the Marcos administration.

One of the main achievements identified by Romualdez is the 2023 national budget that was quickly passed in the Chamber, he said, the proposed budget and will respond to the needs and problems of the country.

“I think the President has done great things in the government, particularly in his Cabinet. And his policies are very clear. On the part of the House of Representatives, we affirmed his fiscal framework. We passed his budget on third reading so we’re well on our way. That’s the most important piece of legislation. That’s the national budget for 2023, so my assessment is that he’s done a great job,” pahayag ni Romualdez.

Romualdez also praised the trips of President Bongbong Marcos to Indonesia, Singapore and the United States, which helped the country to attract the necessary foreign investments and further strengthened bilateral and diplomatic relations.

“He has also done a wonderful job in engaging our friends in the international community whereby foreign direct investments would be coming. And in fact, his recent trips from Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States – among our top trading partners, Singapore being the number one source of foreign direct investments we have seen so much enthusiasm and they welcome his presidency and his administration,” ani Romualdez.

He said, the expected investment pledges obtained by President Marcos when he visited the said countries is at $14.36 billion. Gail aMendozaMore

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