Cuomo: Settlement may signal end to Baldwin's legal jeopardy

Cuomo: Settlement may signal end to Baldwin's legal jeopardy

(NewsNation) — We have new information about a murder on the set of “Rust” — Alec Baldwin’s new film — which means the legal peril is likely over for Baldwin.

The family of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was killed on set last year, and Baldwin have reached a settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the actor and others.

Statements were issued by attorneys for both parties, and I doubt you will hear more from anyone involved in the near future, as that is one of the conditions that is usually the basis of these settlements.

So, let’s answer some of the questions floating around about this. What about criminal charges?

While the authorities are taking their time on that, a key phrase in the settlement makes prosecution all the less likely now. In particular, when the Hutchins referred to this situation as a “terrible accident,” the resolution showed that they were less likely to want to participate in anything else.

And even though criminal charges are technically for conduct that constitutes a violation of the state and not just the victim, it makes the sale more difficult for prosecutors. Not to mention there was never any mention of any facts linking Baldwin to loading a gun, knowing that it was loaded, or having the necessary intent to incite a crime.

What does that mean they will continue shooting the film? Isn’t that insensitive? It seems they finished the film not only with the blessing of the Hutchins family, but also his involvement.

In their statement, the attorney said Hutchins’ husband is now an executive producer. Does that mean he’s making a movie? Doubtful. My understanding is that this is about settlement and financial arrangements and the ability of the Hutchins family to ensure the cash flow to the film comes to them as promised in accordance with the settlement. The interest is another reason why costs may be lower here.

If Baldwin were to be dragged into another legal situation, the chances of the film being finished were slim, and that would obviously hinder the amount of money the family could make.

One missing piece: Do we really need movies to stick with real guns that have real firing pins and can fire real bullets on film sets? Isn’t everything CGI and done digitally now? It would be interesting if that wasn’t part of what the Hutchins wanted, at least for a “Rust” production, let alone something that Hollywood would embody.

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