Confidential, intel funds for DepEd, others defended by DBM chief

Confidential, intel funds for DepEd, others defended by DBM chief

MANILA, Philippines- Department of Budget and Management (DBM) secretary Amenah Pangandaman maintained this Thursday that the confidential and intelligence funds of some government agencies are supported by adequate documentation and requirements.

Pangandaman explained that agencies and offices have a plan ready to siphon surveillance funds.

“When they presented po the budget, when we prepared the budget, one of the things that we considered is whether they can really use the money and if they have plans for the money,” aniya.

“I’m not sure if I can divulge, during the Cabinet it was also discussed, our dear vice president detailed where these so-called intel and confidential funds will be used, during that time everyone from the Cabinet agreed on it so we approved the request of the vice president,” Pangandaman explained.

“I’m sorry, I cannot give the details where the confidential and intel funds will be used, but there are definitely programs associated with the intel funds that we provided,” he added.

Pangandaman insisted that the budget was not “politicized”.

“While it is lump sum in nature, before you can use it you have to submit to the COA what is the nature of the projects or programs that will use the funds,” said Pangandaman.

Meanwhile, Pangandaman clarified that the DepEd’s Special Education Program for Learners with Special Needs has not been defunded.

It explained that although it did not get funds in the 2023 budget, it has unused funds from the 2022 budget.

“We did not actually scrap it when we prepared the budget. We take into consideration a lot of factors and first and foremost is the utilization of the budget. If hindi po ito nagagamit plus the fact po the 2022 budget that was passed last year can still be used until 2023. I think they have enough funds,” sabi ni Pangandaman. RNT/SA

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