[Turn Adversity into Opportunity-Ryokan Revival Plan 631]How to Attract Customers to Ordinary Facilities 4 Yasuhiro Aoki

[Turn Adversity into Opportunity-Ryokan Revival Plan 631]How to Attract Customers to Ordinary Facilities 4 Yasuhiro Aoki

Continuing from the last time, I would like to explain how to transform a mediocre facility into an attractive one. It is said that it is good to clarify the concept and aim for differentiation, but there are few facilities with clear individuality. Many business owners are concerned that their facilities are mediocre, uncharacteristic and difficult to attract customers.

There are other ways to leverage local resources to differentiate. We create a story about our connections and commitments with people involved in purchasing, such as local farmers, fishermen, food processors, and confectionery shops. If possible, it would be good to introduce the trading farmers with photos on your own website and describe them in the product description.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a farmhouse that has a deal with other inns and hotels. For the locals, it may not be a distinctive farmhouse, but for the guests, it will be attractive as a great opportunity to experience the local things.

For example, even if the shiitake mushrooms look the same, it can be introduced as a story just by saying that a nearby farmer uses traditional natural cultivation for cooking every day.

Of course, it is rational for the facility management side to rely on JA, which can stably procure materials with uniform specifications. However, it is difficult to create an appealing facility if we are too lazy to create a unique color and only pursue efficiency.

With ingredients that can be procured anywhere in the country, it would be boring if chefs from all over the country used the same cooking methods and seasonings. This is because it is a commonplace item that consumers have experienced eating in the past. It is not something that makes customers who have traveled a long way feel good about coming all the way.

Gone are the days when customers would be happy with a sumptuous meal. Luxuries are shunned in favor of a simpler life. What consumers want is not the richness of goods, but unknown experiences and actions that consider society and the environment.

Even if the food is simple, if you can tell the story of the region through the food, it will be a differentiating factor.

(Representative Director of Alpha Consulting)

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