[Traffic trend analysis 164]What I felt on the Nishikyushu Shinkansen between Hakata and Nagasaki Takataro Toriumi

[Traffic trend analysis 164]What I felt on the Nishikyushu Shinkansen between Hakata and Nagasaki Takataro Toriumi

The section between Takeo Onsen Station and Nagasaki Station on the Nishikyushu Shinkansen opened on September 23. Many railway fans gathered at Nagasaki Station from the first train on the first day of opening, and it was crowded all day long.

On the 24th, the day after the station opened, I took the local limited express “Relay Kamome” from Hakata and changed to the Nishikyushu Shinkansen “Kamome” that was stopping at the next platform at Takeo Onsen Station. I left Hakata Station at 10:04 am, arrived at Takeo Onsen Station at 10:58 am, and arrived at Nagasaki Station at 11:24 am on the Nishikyushu Shinkansen, which departed at 11:01 am. This combination was the fastest train from Hakata Station to Nagasaki Station in 1 hour and 20 minutes, so I used this train. The Limited Express “Relay Kamome” has non-reserved seats, reserved seats, and green cars, while the Shinkansen “Kamome” has non-reserved seats and reserved seats. In the Shinkansen of JR Kyushu and West Japan, reserved seats are basically arranged in a 2:2 arrangement (unreserved seats are 2:3), and reserved seats are much more upgraded.

This time, I used non-reserved seats on the outbound trip and reserved seats on the return trip on the Shinkansen “Kamome”, and the reserved seats were really comfortable. rice field. On the return trip using a reserved seat, I fell asleep after leaving Nagasaki Station because I was drowsy, but before I slept for a long time, the announcement that I had arrived at Takeo Onsen Station was played. I thought that Hakata and Nagasaki stations would be connected in about an hour.

Because the Shinkansen was too comfortable, not only did the limited express train between Hakata Station and Takeo Onsen Station feel cramped, but there were also times when the train swayed a lot. For example, in the case of business use, the Shinkansen was comfortable even when working with a laptop computer, but on the limited express train, it was hard to use a computer due to the large shaking. I understand in my head that if I use the limited express all the time, it will shake to some extent, but because the Shinkansen section is too comfortable, I probably felt cramped during the time I was on the limited express. Once again, I wanted to connect Takeo Onsen Station and Shin-Tosu Station on the Kyushu Shinkansen with a full standard.

By the way, when using Hakata-Nagasaki Station, it is advantageous to purchase from the JR Kyushu website instead of from the station window. Kamome Net Early Bird 7″ for 3,200 yen, “Kamome Net Early Bird 3” sold throughout the year (early bird discount up to 3 days in advance) for 3,600 yen, and “Kamome Net Kip” for 4,200 yen (both specified) seat use type).

(Aviation/Travel Analyst, Part-time Lecturer at Teikyo University)

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