Strict COVID protocol will apply to the Bar Exam

Strict COVID protocol will apply to the Bar Exam

MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court and its local testing centers will implement a strict COVID-19 protocol for the Bar Examinations to be held in November
November 9, 13, 16, at 20, 2022.

In the Bar Bulletin released by Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa, 2022 Bar Examinations Chairperson, the examinees were instructed to undergo the
self-quarantine starting October 26, 2022, or two weeks before the exam.

Examinees were also advised to avoid staying in hotels and dormitories where there is a high risk of being infected with COVID as much as possible, unless the person taking the bar lives far away.

“Bar operations” or the gathering of people in support of the examinee will still be strictly prohibited.

“For the health and safety of all persons inside the LTCs, examinees may be barred from taking the examinations if it is later known that “Bar operations” activities were conducted by their law school or organizations in the hotel where they are staying,” nakasaad sa bulletin.

Caguioa said that the examinees and personnel must sign the liability waiver as an acknowledgment that the Supreme Court and LTC are not responsible in the event that they contract COVID while conducting the Bar Examinations. Teresa Tavares

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