Salary increase, reduction in work for teachers, called for again

Salary increase, reduction in work for teachers, called for again

MANILA, Philippines – In conjunction with the celebration of National Teachers’ Day, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers – Philippines (ACT) called again this Wednesday, October 5 for the increase of wages and the reduction of tasks and teaching hours of teachers.

According to the group, it is time for the government under President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos to address the teachers’ problem.

One of them is the salary increase of teachers who are in Teacher 1 in Salary Grade (SG) 16 and Instructor 1 in SG 16.

ACT also called for a 30,000 minimum salary for private school teachers and a national minimum wage for SG 1 employees and non-teaching personnel to support their families.

Other than the salary increase, they also called for reducing the workload or work for teachers and also limit their actual teaching time to four hours every day.

In addition, additional compensation was also called for for teachers who will work more than their regular duty and work schedule, and scrapping the 15 days per year limit for giving service credits.

“The gravity of the current education crisis brought about by decades of state neglect has rendered our teachers more overworked, underpaid and under supported than ever. Measly government spending on education has created big shortages in schools, classrooms, facilities, teachers, education support personnel, and teaching and learning resources,” anang ACT sa isang pahayag.

“We will not be able to propel education recovery without resolving the teachers’ problems of overwork, low salaries and lack of government support. We will not be able to negate the impacts of the pandemic on education if the government does not effect bold and game-changing measures that can alter the course of our declining educational system,” dagdag pa ng grupo.

They also request that the government provide a laptop, P1,500 monthly internet allowance and P10,000 annual cash allowance to every teacher in the country.

It can be recalled that the Department of Education announced that they will give a P1,000 incentive to public school teachers as part of the celebration of National Teachers’ Month which is celebrated today, October 5. RNT/JGC

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