‘Pistolerong’ student late on campus in Bulacan

'Pistolerong' student late on campus in Bulacan

Bulacan – Authorities arrested a 17-year-old male student after carrying a gun inside the school he attends in the town of Marilao, this October 3.

According to the Marilao police report, the teenage resident of Brgy. Abangan Sur around 2:30 pm at a school in an unnamed area.

According to the information, due to the cooperation of the school’s Officer-In-Charge with the authorities on the report that there was a student carrying a gun, he was eventually caught.

A Colt cal was recovered from the teenager. 45 pistol with magazine, ammunition and two more magazines.

The minor is facing the corresponding case while in the custody of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development. Dick Sunflower III

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