Padilla’s voluntary drug test results were negative

Padilla's voluntary drug test results were negative

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Robinhood Padilla took a voluntary drug test this Wednesday, October 5 and the result was negative.

According to Padilla who personally went to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Headquarters in Quezon City, his voluntary drug test was in response to the call of Surigao del Norte Second District Rep. Ace Barbers that the actors should pass a drug test before they start the project.

It will be remembered that Padilla is known as the “Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema.”

“We are united in the goal of protecting our countrymen from the dangers of illegal drugs. This includes my fellow artists,” said Padilla.

“But no one can be forced to take a drug test, because it may be against their human rights,” added the Senator.

Padilla also insisted that instead of actors, government officials should undergo drug testing.

This was supported by Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, former chief of the Philippine National Police who led the Duterte administration’s war on drugs.

“Nothing is preventing the state from performing its mandate to make sure that our country is drug-free. That’s the state’s job. But the idea is also right to let the industry police their own ranks,” said Dela Rosa.

“Let’s prioritize the sector of politicians. We politicians must be mandatory before filing, the certificate of candidacy must be accepted by the Comelec including the drug test so that we can be sure that whoever will be sitting as a politician, we can be sure that he does not use illegal drugs,” he added. . RNT/JGC

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