Online application on fare matrix opened by LTFRB

Online application on fare matrix opened by LTFRB

MANILA, Philippines – The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has opened the online application that drivers and operators in Metro Manila want to obtain a fare matrix.

This Monday, October 3, the implementation of the fare increase on all public vehicles began, but the agency notified that it is not possible to charge an additional fare if there is no fare matrix posted inside the vehicle.

In order to ease the queue of those who will get the tariff, the LTFRB has decided to add a way to get it online.

According to the LTFRB, a driver or operator only needs to go to their website and upload the corresponding document such as OR/CR ​​of the unit, certificate of public convenience or franchise.

The tariff payment will also be done online and instead of a dry seal, a QR code will be placed on the fare matrix.

This Tuesday, October 4, 200 people applied for the tariff using the LTFRB-NCR’s online facility.

“Also because of our limited personnel, we had to include our online facility in NCR to make it more convenient… they can just go home, upload the documents, pay to our payment partners [at] LTFRB-NCR Zona Director Russet Tamayo said the fare matrix will be uploaded through PTOPS accounts. RNT/JGC

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