Livelihood help in ‘Balik Probinsya’, has begun

Livelihood help in 'Balik Probinsya', has begun

MANILA, Philippines – The economic assistance in the Balik Probinsya program of the government has begun after the initial distribution of domestic pigs as economic assistance to the Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa (BP2) program beneficiaries in the province of Isabela began on September 28.

According to the Department of Agriculture, the principal beneficiaries received four domestic pigs each while the other beneficiaries received two pigs.

About 116 heads of pigs were distributed to beneficiaries in the towns of Tumauini, Roxas and Sta. Mary in Isabela.

In this regard, it will be remembered that the distribution of domestic pigs has been delayed due to the lack of its supply caused by the spread of African Swine Fever which has greatly affected hog raisers in the region.

The distribution of domestic pigs is one of the economic aids provided by the Department of Agriculture of Region Two for our compatriots who chose to return to the province during the height of the pandemic.

Apart from the pet pig, free feeds will also be distributed to the beneficiaries for three months of food for their pet pigs.

The BP2 farmers’ association, which includes the beneficiaries, will also receive housing with a digester and water system that their association can use to raise pigs for income.

The purpose of BP2 is to bring new hope through financial assistance, livelihood, housing, and the creation of various opportunities that will accompany the beneficiaries in their new beginning in the province. Santi Celario

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