Korean human rights civil society supports ‘Iranian hijab death protest’

Korean human rights civil society supports 'Iranian hijab death protest'

Korean human rights civil society organizations and Iranian students gathered to support the protests related to the ‘Iranian hijab mystery’.

41 human rights, women, international organizations, including the Human Rights Movement Network Baram, Fireworks Femi Action, International Solidarity for Democracy, and Joint Action for Asian Democracy, and Iranian students held a press conference in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy in Seoul on the morning of the 5th.

The group pays tribute to 22-year-old Mahsha Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died after being detained for not wearing a hijab properly on the 16th of last month, and said they support the protests spreading in and out of Iran. They also demanded an end to the Iranian government’s crackdown on the hijab-related protests, an investigation into the facts, and a halt to the mandatory wearing of the hijab.

Anti-government protests, led by women, continue in Iran.

On the 13th of last month, when Amini was arrested by the Moral Police of Tehran and died three days later, the police announced that he collapsed of heart disease and died two days later in a hospital. However, as the circumstances of the murder were revealed by some media outlets, protests calling for an investigation into the truth and the resignation of supreme leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei are spreading in Iran.

Iran’s supreme leader, being demanded to resign from protesters, claims that the hijab protests are spreading worldwide as “a conspiracy between the United States and Israel”, while the police are ruthlessly cracking down on the protesters.

Aisha, an Iranian woman who attended the meeting, said, “Iran is in a very urgent situation right now.”

Aisha said, “In order to control the protests, the Iranian government blocked Internet channels such as Instagram and opened fire on unarmed citizens. When protesters blocked a police car to stop the illegal arrest, the police took the citizens by ambulance and deceived the citizens. He gave police uniforms and batons to young men under the age of 12 and made them assault protesters. suffered The police come to the hospital and arrest the protesters, so even if they are injured during the protest, they cannot go to the hospital.”

“Citizens are being unilaterally killed because they have no power and cannot be armed, but they say they will risk their lives to carry on the revolution until this government resigns,” he said. “Help us. We want a peaceful democracy.”

With solidarity protests taking place in more than 150 countries so far, 52 human rights civil society organizations in South Korea and 156 individuals have also sent letters of protest to the Iranian embassy.

In their statement, these groups said, “South Korean human rights and civil society organizations support the hijab-related protests in Iran, and demand the Iranian government to control the woman’s body by wearing the hijab, control the expression of dress, and stop state violence. do,” he said.

The death toll is increasing because the Iranian government is strictly suppressing women’s freedom of dress and not an apology for state violence. Protests triggered by the ‘hijab suspicious death’ are spreading to 80 cities, and not only Iranian women, but men as well, guaranteeing women’s human rights is everyone’s demand.”

He also pointed out that “a society in which women die because they expose their hair is an anti-human rights society.

These groups also said, “The fact that there is no active punishment for and no prevention of recurrence even though a woman caught wearing a hijab died suspiciously is contrary to the state obligation to at least observe democracy and human rights of Iran, a member of the United Nations. We demand that measures be taken in line with current trends and international human rights standards. Violence cannot forever silence the voice of human rights.”

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