KCR is trying to divide opposition for benefit of BJP: Madhu Yashki

KCR is trying to divide opposition for benefit of BJP: Madhu Yashki

Hyderabad: Telangana BJP official spokesperson N V Subhash on Tuesday alleged that chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is going to launch a new national party in frustration as he has realised that he will be out of power in the state after 2023 assembly elections.

KCR had led the Telangana movement playing with sentiments of people and finally succeeded in achieving a separate state for Telangana with the support of BJP. But he deceived people with his hollow promises on every front and now people have determined to throw out TRS government as they have fed up with KCR’s false promises.

“When KCR has launched the TRS party the situation was different in the state and people of the state have supported TRS and voted it to power with hope and aspirations. But KCR repeatedly deceived people with his empty assurances”, Subhash accused.

“KCR has decided to launch a new party with an intention to play politics at national level handing over state leadership to his minister son KTR as he has realised that he will be unemployed after assembly elections”, Subhash said.

There is no takers for KCR’s new party and people are aware of his appeasement politics, the BJP leader said adding that he can not fool people at national level. People of the country have confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is heading towards for a new India and strong India, he further said.

On the other hand Telangana PCC Campaign Committee Chairman and ex-MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi said, “It is a meaningless move by the CM of Telangana to form a national party. He has cheated the people of Telangana and now wants to cheat the people of the nation. This is just a cover-up of his failures and a tactic to divert the money from the Delhi liquor scam of his family members”.

“KCR is just trying to divide the opposition for the benefit of the BJP. Congress is the only way to a BJP-free country. If KCR wishes it, he should join Congress. However, the Congress does not want any alliance with the TRS party at the state level,” he further said.

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