Filipinos lose ‘millions of dollars’ in text scams-CICC

Filipinos lose 'millions of dollars' in text scams-CICC

MANILA, Philippines – A senior official of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC) said that Filipino mobile phone users have lost “millions of dollars” due to a series of scam text messages that recently contained the names of of users.

CICC Deputy Executive Director Mary Rose Magsaysay told reporters that foreigners and local syndicates are behind the proliferation of spam text messages.

“It’s a collaborative effort between local and international syndicates,” ani Magsaysay.

The CICC, an attached agency of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, told a Senate inquiry last month that they are investigating six syndicates behind the text scams.

When asked if the agency has an estimate of how much these syndicates have stolen from Filipino mobile phone users, Magsaysay said, “It’s in the millions of dollars.”

The CICC official also said that they are building a case against the syndicates behind the text scams.

On September 12, the National Telecommunications Commission ordered telcos to block URLs, links and quick response codes in text messages amid a surge in spam text messages, some of which contain the recipient’s full name . RNA

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