Baby Peanut’s lips, inheritance from Luis!

Baby Peanut's lips, inheritance from Luis!

Manila, Philippines – Upon the doctor’s advice, Jessy Mendiola agreed to undergo an ultrasound to ascertain the condition of their son.

As for God’s mercy, Baby Peanut’s growth is normal.

This is despite Jessy having COVID-19, something that scared her.

Jessy is proud of the image of the unborn baby, whose lips are said to have been taken by Luis Manzano.

Luis replied that he didn’t seem too flattered, “It’s okay, at least for you.”

For sure, biro lang ‘yon ni Luis pero deep inside he can’t wait to see his baby daughter come out.

Maybe the celebrity couple will move to their new residence at the same time.

Luis said, it’s safer.

There is also a nursery room ready for Baby Peanut.

Incidentally, just now Momsie (take note, not grandma) Vilma Santos is indicating that she can take care of her grandson.

But that’s all there is to it.

Admittedly, Star for All Seasons is just as weak in the department of feeding and changing baby diapers.

He said this is what he didn’t learn when Luis and Ryan Christian were babies.

Kaya Luis at Jessy, don’t tell Momshie didn’t warn you! Ronnie Carrasco III

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