Amor Lapus, don’t want to be hung up on sex!

Amor Lapus, don't want to be hung up on sex!

Manila, Philippines- The newbie sexy actress Amor Lapus will be seen very soon in the movie Boso-Dos.

He is 22 years old and Amor’s vital statistics are 34-26-36. His hobbies are going to the gym and pole dancing, plus healthy living is important to him.

We inquired about the limitations of undressing this sexy-sexy pet of Jojo Veloso.

Amor L responded, “Undressing me… when it comes to that matter, I have no limits. Like, where the best part of the movie is, I’m game.

“If the director says to act and be sexy, why not? I have faith in them and how they can make our film better.”

How liberated is he when it comes to sex?

“Honestly, I don’t know how liberated I am when it comes to sex, but I want both my partner and I to be satisfied and I don’t want to be left as long as possible, I don’t want to be unfair in the fight, like that! Hahaha!” Amor said laughingly.

Does that mean he doesn’t want to be hung up on sex?

Amor said, “Yes, that’s why I really want to be the first to reach heaven, rather than my partner. Or, both, we’re together, hahaha!

“With my ex before, the position I wanted was the one where I was on top after he dog-styled me, and I would be the one who would go up so that the two of us could be together. Because it’s really impossible to stop the man from cumming while riding… so me, I’m not just going to orgasm until there’s romance and foreplay.”

Amor continued, “More and more, I love the person, I will make him feel everything, so that he will be happy and satisfied.

“That’s why I prefer that my partner and I reach orgasm at the same time, so that I can feel the heat inside and the deliciousness of our love,” Amor said with a laugh. Nonie Nicasio

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