Watch: 'Cuomo' debut on NewsNation

Watch: 'Cuomo' debut on NewsNation

(NewsNation) — Chris Cuomo is back. Award-winning anchor and attorney returns to prime time with his new show debut, “Cuomo,” on NewsNation.

In his debut, Cuomo said it was time to change the cable news game and dedicate his show to reporting nonsense.

“My goal is very simple: I want you to rely on me to get to where it matters, whether that means anywhere in the world or wherever I need to be in an interview—all in the hope of getting viewers like you more involved in the dynamics of the moment. it’s dominated by angry fringes,” Cuomo said. “That’s why I’m at NewsNation. It’s new. No group thinking is formed, no audience is conditioned to support one team or ideology. After all, NewsNation refers to you, America. You are a news nation.”

Guests at his first event included Bill Maher and Dan Rather. Other guests set for premiere week includeAndrew Yang,Dr. AS Anthony Fauci,Tulsi GabbardandWhoopi Goldberg.

You can watch the first full episode of “Cuomo” in the player above. “Cuomo” airs at night at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT onNewsNation.

If you’re not sure how to watch NewsNation, useNewsNation Channel Finderorsign in using your cable subscription and watch online here.

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