W Osaka launches Halloween sweets

W Osaka launches Halloween sweets

W Osaka released Halloween sweets on the 1st.

Luxury Lifestyle Hotel W Osaka (Location: 4-1-3 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, General Manager: Go Kondo) will be open from Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022. For a limited time, we will offer Halloween-themed sweets courses, a la carte cakes, and takeout breads at the art pastry bar “MIXup” (1st floor).

Halloween limited sweets course “SPOOKY W” (image)Halloween limited sweets course “SPOOKY W” (image)

Enjoy the “story” of Halloween! Playful sweets course “SPOOKY W”

At the art pastry bar “MIXup” facing Osaka’s main street Midosuji, a Halloween limited sweets course will appear again this year. This year, under the title of “SPOOKY W,” guests will be presented with a variety of sweets devised by the W Osaka pastry team in line with the story of “inviting guests to a party of delightful ghosts.” We will finish each item and provide it.

The sweets course that starts with the slogan “Trick or Treat” has a total of 4 items. The first dish is a caramel cake and chocolate mousse shaped like a black cat. A cute black cat with a chocolate that looks like an invitation invites guests to a spooky party. The second dish is a “poisoned apple-style” glass dessert with a refreshing cassis sorbet and sautéed apple and raspberry sauce. The third dish is based on the image of a lively haunted house, followed by an assortment of cream puffs, vanilla ice cream, chocolate truffles, chestnut cream, and more. For the fourth dish, which decorates the end, we have prepared a variety of bite-sized petit fours, such as heart-shaped fruit puree jelly and pumpkin financier.

Enjoy the playful sweets course unique to Halloween while enjoying the pleasant interaction with the pastry chef standing at the counter, just like Osaka is the birthplace of “Japanese cuisine”.

Period October 1, 2022 (earth) to October 31 (month)
Fee 5,000 yen per person (including tax and 15% service charge)
Time 11:30/12:30/13:30/14:30/15:30/16:30 (90 minutes each time) *Reservation required
Menu contents (with free flow of coffee and tea)
caramel cake/chocolate mousse
Cassis sorbet / sautéed apple / crumble / raspberry sauce / elderflower jelly
Cream Puff / Vanilla Ice Cream / Caramel Pie / Chestnut Cream / Caramel Cream / Cocoa Tuile / Chocolate Truffle / Meringue
4.BE AWAKEN… (Can you come back?)
Pumpkin financier / part de fruit / chocolate cookie / gianduja

As for drinks, you can enjoy as much as you like from 2 types of Halloween limited mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails), 13 types of tea and 3 types of coffee.

Enjoy Halloween at home with takeout!Humorous and cute cakes and bread

Five types of Halloween limited a la carte cakes that can be eaten in or taken out will appear, such as Saint-Honoré, a French confectionery inspired by a witch, and a cheesecake with monster eyes hidden in the decorations. In addition, we will sell 5 types of bread for takeout only. Please enjoy the humorous and cute presentation unique to the playful W Osaka pastry team.

Various a la carte cakesVarious a la carte cakes

Various Halloween breadVarious Halloween bread

A la carte cake

・Saint Honore Pecan Nut Caramel 1,200 yen (Takeout 750 yen)
・Mousse chocolate raspberry lime ¥1,200 (takeout ¥850)
・Cheesecake Phrase de Bois 1,200 yen (takeout 750 yen)
・Chocolate cake orange & hazelnut 1,200 yen (takeout 800 yen)
・ Shortcake strawberry 1,200 yen (takeout 850 yen)


・Halloween Bread Various 400 yen ~


・Pistachio millefeuille 1,800 yen
・Chestnut, pear and green apple parfait 2,500 yen

※The photograph is an image. Menu contents and offering times are subject to change without notice.
*Take-out menu prices include tax, eat-in menu prices include tax and service charge.

Art pastry bar “MIXup”Art pastry bar “MIXup”

MIXup (W Osaka 1F)
Business hours 11:00-18:00
Reservation Telephone: 06-6484-5812 (restaurant reservation)
E-mail:  w.osaka.restaurantreservations@whotels.com

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