Russia ‘annexes’ Ukraine territories as losses mount

Russia ‘annexes’ Ukraine territories as losses mount

(NewsNation) — Ukrainian forces have taken back more ground in their counter-offensive, advancing on areas Russia captured earlier in the conflict. That led Russian President Vladimir Putin to increase the threat of a nuclear response if Ukraine continued to push into the provinces Russia wants to annex.

Russian legislators in the country’s lower house of parliament approved Monday the annexation of four Ukrainian territories: Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk. This came after the annexation referendum from the Kremlin which the UN Secretary-General described as illegal.

“What happened in Ukraine will hit us here at home. That’s important not only for Democratic ideals but also for the security of the homeland,” Chris Cuomo of NewsNation said Monday night on “CUOMO.”

He added: “I spent time on the Ukrainian front lines, and it’s amazing how American their ambitions are. Their desire to be free from oppressors is the same as our struggle against England. Their fight might be our own if hostilities don’t end in Ukraine and soon.”

In the video above, Clinton’s former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton detail the implications of Russia’s latest move and explain what could happen in America if nothing changes in Ukraine.

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