Omicron has another variant – expert

Omicron has another variant – expert

MANILA, Philippines- The variant of concern will not end with the COVID-19 omicron variant despite the global rollout of vaccination, according to an infectious diseases expert this Tuesday.

“Definitely, no. Omicron will not be the last variant because the virus continues to mutate and there are still many people, unfortunately, who are still not vaccinated or still not boosted,” said Dr. Edsel Salvana in a televised briefing.

“While there are people like that, there are pockets that are unvaccinated, the threat of a new variant is always there,” added Salvana, a member of the Department of Health’s technical advisory group.

He also warned the vulnerable groups that are most vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection.

He called on the public to immediately complete the primary series of the vaccine and get a booster.

The DOH this past week recorded 1,400 additional cases of the COVID-19 omicron variant.

As of October 2, more than 73.1 million Filipinos have been fully vaccinated against respiratory disease, according to the DOH. RNT/SA

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