Maher: Biden should choose a new running mate in 2024

Maher: Biden should choose a new running mate in 2024

(NewsNation) — Bill Maher thinks President Joe Biden should get rid of Vice President Kamala Harris if he decides to run for re-election in 2024.

“I liked Kamala Harris, but she turned out to be not a very good politician,” political satirist and host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo on Monday.

Maher has no say in who should replace Harris, but points out that changing VP after one term is not unheard of.

The comedian – who identifies as a liberal but regularly criticizes the left and the right – has good things to say about the president’s performance so far.

“He ended up getting things done that no one thought he could accomplish like getting Congress to work together on some really important bills,” he said.

Maher dismissed concerns about Biden’s age, pointed out that it had made him wiser and said he was confident the current president would run for re-election.

That could set up a 2020 rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump, who Maher hopes to run again.

“Of course he (Trump) will run again… that’s all he likes – it’s a fight, it’s revenge,” Maher said.

While Trump is likely to face a number of challengers within his own party, Maher thinks it will be difficult to turn down his nomination: “We know what kind of fighter he is when he gets into trouble, good luck with that DeSantis. ”

You can watch the second part of Bill Maher’s interview with Chris Cuomo on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

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