Hyderabad terror plot: Handlers in Pakistan used encrypted apps?

Hyderabad terror plot: Handlers in Pakistan used encrypted apps?

Hyderabad: The Pakistan handlers of Abdul Zahed, who is arrested by the Hyderabad police for allegedly planning to target RSS/ BJP leaders in the city and crowded places in the city reportedly communicated with his handlers through encrypted mobile applications.

Abdul Zahed, Mohd Sameeuddin alias Abdul Sami and Maaz Hassan Farooq were arrested by the Hyderabad police on October 2nd for allegedly planning to hurl hand grenades at crowded places during Dushera. They also reportedly planned to carry out lone wolf attacks.

In the remand report, accessed by the police found On September 27, Zahed had a conversation over Whatsapp with Farhatullah Ghauri, Siddiqui Bin Osman and Abdul Majeed.

“All the three fugitives asked Zahed to collect the four hand grenades from some person in Manoharabad on city outskirts. On September 28, Sami went to Manoharabad on his Royal Enfield and brought the four hand grenades and gave it to Zahed. The next day, all the three went to Hotel Al Marjaan, where Zahed handed over one grenade to Sami, the other to Maaz and kept with him,” the report stated.

Mohd Farhatullah Ghauri, Siddiqui Bin Osman alias Rafique alias Abu Hamzala and Abdul Majeed alias Chotu, all taking shelter in Pakistan and working with the ISI/ LeT as suspects A4, A5 and A6 in the ‘terror attack conspiracy case’.

The report further stated Zahed was touch with Farhatullah Ghouri, Siddiqui Bin Osman and Abdul Majeed, who is his brother. “Zahed was receiving hawala money from four persons Abul Noman Sayam, Syed Imtiaz Hussain and Mohd Minhazul Abdein and Mohd Feroz and utilizing the same for terror activities,” the report stated.

He was asked to recruit more people for the ‘terror related operations in the city’ and in process got Rs. 30 lakh from his handlers through hawala for the job. Previously, the police alleged, Zahed had helped Farhatullah and other terrorist recruit many youth in the city and got them reach Pakistan for terrorist training.

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