Hyderabad: SHE team recieves over 100 complaints in September

Hyderabad: SHE team recieves over 100 complaints in September

Hyderabad: To meet the safety need of women and children in the city, 11 SHE Teams are operating in Cyberabad.

SHE Teams watch out for troublemakers who disrupt public spaces, engage in online and offline harassment and support women who are the targets of various forms of abuse.

During the month of September, a total of 102 complaints from female victims were received through various channels, including Whatsapp, email, Hawk eye, direct walk-in, etc, 3 child marriages were stopped and their parents gave counselling, a press release stated.

There have been 27 cases filed, of which 19 are minor cases and 8 are criminal cases. 570 decoy operations were carried out at various locations, including bus stops, shopping centres, train stations, tutorials, colleges, etc.

16 members were caught doing indecent acts in public while they were unaware of it. Three minor cases were booked, and the remaining individuals were referred for counselling.

A total of 39 members were busted performing inappropriate activities late at night, and 38 complaints were filed. 332 awareness campaigns were held, and 18922 persons received assistance. 32 petitions received phone warnings to alter their behaviour.

Around 93 responders attended counselling sessions held at the Women and Children Safety Wing in Cyberabad. All of the respondents, together with their families, attended the counselling session held by the Cyberabad SHE teams at the Commissioner’s office in Gachibowli.

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