[Data]Appeal of new snacks seen from analysis of over 1,300 reviews of “Online Snack Yokocho”

[Data]Appeal of new snacks seen from analysis of over 1,300 reviews of “Online Snack Yokocho”

On September 30, Online Snack Yokocho Culture announced the appeal of new snacks based on an analysis of over 1,300 reviews of “Online Snack Yokocho”.

Online Snack Yokocho Bunka Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Mayuko Igarashi) operates the largest online snack service in Japan, “Online Snack Yokocho,” with 1,300 reviews posted by customers who have used the service. We have overcome the issue. We took this as an opportunity to investigate and analyze the background of online snack usage and behavioral changes after using online snacks based on review content. Improved, I found out that I actually plan and execute trips. In response to this, in order to further revitalize the region, we will hold local information dissemination events in conjunction with the “National Travel Support” that will start on October 11th.

Official site: https://snackyokocho.com

  • There are many cases where mothers who know the charm of the local area lead to a trip that doubles as a store visit!

In “Online Snack Yokocho”, which has about 80 snacks around the world and all over the country, the number of reviews posted by online snack users has exceeded 1,300, and 97% of the total has received a high rating of 5 stars. increase. After a detailed survey and analysis of the review content, the keywords included in the review content were often positive expressions such as “fun” (63.8%), “healing” (37.2%), and “energized” (21.1%). , “Good listener” (32.4%) and “Smile” (19.6%) are frequently used to express the appeal of snack moms. In addition, the mother’s talk with information about the area around the actual store was motivating, and the customer’s psychological state changed positively, such as “I want to go to the actual store” and “I have a candidate for a travel destination”. It became clear that there was a transformation that led to the next action, such as visiting a physical store. In fact, there are many happy examples from mothers who say, “Customers came on a trip to visit a real store.”

  • Customer service unique to mothers rooted in the community has developed into new activities such as visiting physical stores and excursions

After word mining over 1,300 reviews, we found that the core keyword that makes up the online snacking experience is fun. Visualization of co-occurring keywords and dependency analysis of keywords show that the relationship between “play” and “go” is high, and mothers’ customer service and talks at online snacks motivate them to visit physical stores and travel. I have seen the possibilities.

Visualizing changes in emotional ups and downs reveals that when entering the store, the emotional domain of “joy” at meeting mom is large, and the emotional domain of “like” changes significantly over time. From this result, it was found that there is a high possibility that attachment to moms and snacks is fostered by receiving service from moms.

From these surveys and analyses, it is clear that the customer’s psychological state changes positively depending on the phases of “before entering the store”, “during customer service”, and “after visiting”, and develops into the next behavior such as returning to the store and visiting the actual store. became.

  • Nationwide Snack Mama Holds Local Attractive Event for “National Travel Support” Starting in October

At Online Snack Yokocho, we will hold multiple events to promote the appeal of the region in connection with the “National Travel Discount” that will start in October. “Snack Mama’s Door”, which is held regularly twice a month, invites multiple moms as guests to fully bring out the unique Snack Mama characters, and is an experience-based event with customers.

▶︎ For event details, please check the official LINE of Online Snack Yokocho.

  • Online snacks motivate physical store visits!A series of happy reports

While the economy is regaining vigor with the start of national travel discounts in October, the management and sales of snack shops are still in a difficult situation. Under such circumstances, many Snack Moms who join Online Snack Yokocho are creating encounters with new customers by holding various customer service and events that incorporate local attractions and unique ideas. Also, since the beginning of this year, “Last night, a customer from Online Snack Yokocho came to the physical store for the first time! I was really happy♪” We are receiving happy reports one after another. It is the greatest joy of all the staff that the customer service on the cloud called online snacks will lead to a return to the real world. We will continue to create encounters between snack moms and customers while taking advantage of both online and real life, and provide various night entertainments to liven up the snack culture.

Mayuko Igarashi Representative, Online Snack Yokocho Culture Co., Ltd.

Suna woman representative / PR consulting, story making Make.LLC representative. She graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. After working for a commercial music production company, Rakuten, she became independent. She is Make.As a representative of a limited liability company, she proposes and provides PR consulting using story branding. She also visited 550 snacks nationwide and acted as a snack explorer girl “Suna woman”. She is working on new events that pursue the possibilities of snacks, such as “Snack introductory course”, “Snack girls’ tour”, and “Office snack” that supports office communication with Snack Mama’s communication power. On May 14, 2020, “Online Snack Yokocho” will be launched to support snack moms who have difficulty running due to the spread of corona infection.

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