Bouncers at garba event in Surat attacked by Bajrang Dal activists

Bouncers at garba event in Surat attacked by Bajrang Dal activists

Surat: Bajrang Dal activists and bouncers from the minority community clashed here during a garba event here.

The incident happened on Monday night and one bouncer was injured, who was treated at a hospital.

As the police reached on time the situation was controlled and the garba event resumed soon after.

The Bajrang Dal activists during their surprise checking on Sunday night had found that Thakor Vadi garba organiser had hired a security team, which had Muslims bouncers. The activists had asked the organiser to cancel the security service and ensure that no Muslim bouncer was on duty, even though on Monday night Muslim bouncers were at the security gate of the event, when activists asked their name, they gave false identity with Hindu names which led to the clash, said a local activist of Bajrang Dal.

“Some clash was reported at Thakorji vadi garba event to the police, a team was dispatched and the situation was brought under control. One person is said to be injured, police don’t have detailed information, investigation is going on, whosoever is responsible, will be arrested,” assured Sagar Bagmar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Surat.

“Bajrang Dal has in advance instructed the garba organisers to ensure that no security person is hired from the minority community, because they have mala fide intention of luring Hindu girls. If any organizer has hired Muslim security bouncers and Bajrang Dal workers come to know about it, such clash will happen,” claims Hitendrasinh Rajput, spokesman of Bajrang Dal and VHP Gujarat.

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