2 out of 5 Filipinos looking for a ‘holidate’ – survey

2 out of 5 Filipinos looking for a 'holidate' - survey

MANILA, Philippines- Are you one of those individuals looking for a “holidate?”

Based on the latest Bumble study by YouGov Singapore, two out of five Filipinos are “looking for someone to spend the Holidays with.”

Based on the survey, there are three main reasons why Filipinos want to find a “holidate,” and the first of these is to include someone in family get-togethers.

In Filipino household culture, the main question to single family members at reunions is “Wala ka pa rin jowa?” and 27% of the individuals in the survey have this motive for why they are looking for a “holidate.”

When asked why they want to bring a date to a family gathering, Filipinos responded with family pressure (23%) and being the only single person attending the gathering (23%) as the main reasons.

Meanwhile, 12% will have a relationship during the Christmas season for the gift, and 11% expressed the desire to have a partner due to family pressure.

According to Bumble APAC Communications Director Lucille McCart, although it is “stressful” to find love during the Holidays due to more intense social and cultural pressure, most Filipinos still want “to make connections in the coming months.”

“The good news is that Filipinos still love [to] love. With so many people open to meeting someone, we are bound to see many Bumble success stories born from this ‘holi-dating’ season,” dagdag niya.

Conducted by YouGov Singapore Pte Ltd. the online Bumble study from August 5 to 16 on 1,118 single Filipino adult respondents aged 18 to 41. RNT/SA

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