Yoon Seok-yeol “Reports that are not true, damage the alliance” Democrats apologize to the public and push for the dismissal of Park Jin

Yoon Seok-yeol “Reports that are not true, damage the alliance” Democrats apologize to the public and push for the dismissal of Park Jin

When President Yoon Seok-yeol rebutted that the content reported in the video about the ‘controversy of profane language’ that arose during his overseas tour was not true, he effectively demanded an investigation into the truth. At the same time, People’s Power is taking issue with the political neutrality of MBC, which first reported the video showing President Yoon using profanity, and is arguing that MBC deliberately damaged the performance of President Yoon’s overseas tour. On the other hand, the opposition parties went on a general offensive demanding an apology from the public, while the Democratic Party of Korea warned that it would propose a proposal for the dismissal of Foreign Minister Park Jin.

On the morning of the 26th, President Yoon Seok-yeol was asked about his ‘controversy over profanity’ on his way to the presidential office in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 26th. The truth about this part or something like this needs to be revealed more clearly.”

President Yoon also said, “With the exception of two or three superpowers in the world, no country can completely protect the lives and safety of its citizens with its own capabilities alone. emphasized.

The controversy that he used profane language to slander the US Congress is not true, and it is to the effect that the report had a negative impact on the ROK-US alliance.

Power of the People, Blocking Offensive of President Yoon’s Profanity Controversy
MBC’s fairness issue and slang controversy ‘water ride’… Suspicion of collusion with Democrats

The People’s Power is pouring a blast on MBC, which first reported a video of President Yoon using profanity. Similar to President Yoon, MBC also claimed that the video was distorted and deliberately damaged the performance of the overseas tour.

At a meeting of the Emergency Response Committee this morning, Joo Ho-young, floor leader of the People’s Power, said, “It is difficult to see MBC’s behavior as it is. .

In fact, Lee Jong-bae, a member of the City Council for People’s Strength, held a press conference in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on the same day and announced that he would accuse the MBC president and reporters, saying that MBC had damaged the president’s reputation by distorting the news about President Yoon’s visit.

Joo Ho-young, floor leader, said, “It is judged that MBC, which framed the president with profanity for the first time in the report on this tour, did not even do the basics of verifying the facts. A more thorough confirmation is needed as it can affect the ROK-U.S. relationship, but this confirmation process was omitted and the report was reported with arbitrary and very provocative captions.”

He continued, “The report was distorted and captioned even though there was a request (from the presidential office) to refrain from reporting it until the facts were confirmed, without even checking the facts properly, on reports that could harm the safety and life of the people of the Republic of Korea through the ROK-U.S. alliance. did,” he reiterated.

“Even so, MBC has been criticized by public opinion for reports that ignored political neutrality and reporting ethics, such as reports of eco-tangs, impersonating the police, and broadcasting the transcript of the wife of an opposition presidential candidate during the Seoul mayoral election process,” said Joo, floor leader. Can it be called fair broadcasting?” he criticized.

He warned that he would take action at the party level, saying, “Distortion of facts and flaws in reporting will not help the national interest at all, but will only undermine the public’s trust in the media.”

To the Democratic Party, floor leader Joo also said, “It is truly a pity that the president’s efforts and achievements to expand the national interest have been buried with all sorts of flaws from the opposition.”

It also raises suspicions of collusion with the Democrats. It is taking issue with the fact that Democratic Party lawmaker Park Hong-geun was aware of President Yoon’s vulgarity controversy even before MBC reported it.

In an interview with KBS Radio’s ‘Choi Kyung-young’s strongest current affairs’ this morning, Seong Il-jong, chairman of the People’s Power Policy Committee, said, “The Democratic Party knew it earlier than when MBC reported it. There is clearly a close relationship,” he said. “I would like you to disclose how you exchanged this information with the opposition parties,” he said.

Democracy and Justice demand official apology from President Yoon and sacking of diplomatic and public relations positions

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and Justice Party urged President Yoon to apologize to the public and the National Assembly.

Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung pointed at the controversy over President Yoon’s vulgar language, saying, “On top of the global economic crisis and the nation’s livelihood crisis, now even a diplomatic disaster is suffocating the people’s lives.”

“Diplomacy is a matter of people’s lives,” he said. “A sad thing happened in the field of diplomacy called war without gunfire,” he said.

The Democratic Party demanded that Foreign Minister Park Jin be fired, taking full responsibility for the diplomatic disaster.

Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun, referring to President Yoon’s brief interview remarks that ‘damaging the alliance with reports other than the facts puts the people at risk’ It is also a big problem, but more serious is the ‘false and deception’ directed at the people and the opposition party,” he strongly criticized.

Park Hong-geun, floor leader, said, “President Yoon Seok-yeol should solve the problem directly, saying, “Politics of intimidation against the people and the media is a serious challenge to democracy.” I urge you to honestly explain your controversial remarks and make an apology to the public first.”

In addition, “I urge you to immediately dismiss Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin, who is in charge of this tour, and replace all the foreign and security ‘tragic troikas’ such as Kim Seong-han, National Security Office Director Kim Tae-hyo, First Deputy Director Kim Tae-hyo, and Kim Eun-hye Senior Public Relations.” If a decision is not made by the end of the month, the Democratic Party will propose a proposal to dismiss the foreign minister tomorrow.”

The Justice Party also took issue with the explanation of the presidential office and demanded an apology from the National Assembly from President Yoon, while at the same time demanding the sacking of the presidential office diplomatic line and Kim Eun-hye, senior public relations chief.

Lee Eun-joo, chairman of the Justice Party’s emergency response committee, also said at a meeting of the bloating committee this morning, “The swearing scandal is a total disaster, from the remarks in question to the explanation of the presidential office and the defense of the ruling party.” The faces of those who see the ruling party lawmakers are to the point where they are hot.”

Vice Chairman Lee Eun-joo said, “What is even more interesting is the explanation of Kim Eun-hye, senior public relations officer. She said, “It’s not enough to test the people’s hearing with nonsensical explanations, and she gave an unacceptable explanation that the abusive language is a remark to our Congress, not the U.S. Congress,” he said.

He continued, “If Kim Eun-hye’s explanation is true, then this abusive scandal is a case of denial of the National Assembly that reveals the reason why President Yun Seok-yeol has ruled the enforcement ordinance and has not met once with representatives of the opposition parties to handle state affairs and budget bills.” “It is a declaration of national sovereignty that we will not work in compromise with the National Assembly in the future.”

Chairman Lee emphasized that “President Yoon Seok-yeol’s abusive language scandal cannot be passed on as it is. did.

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