Xian, thanks to Erich in Switzerland!

Xian, thanks to Erich in Switzerland!

Interlaken, Switzerland – Remember the coffee date that Xian Gaza wanted sana with Erich Gonzales?

That was in 2017 that was still posted on the billboard.

It came with a message which read: “I can’t espresso how much i like you a latte, Erika Gancayco. Will you drink coffee with me?”

Unfortunately, Erich didn’t pay attention to that.

On his social media account, the nicknamed National Sawsawero told the story of his meeting with his old crush in Switzerland.

Specifically in Interlaken where upon seeing Erich, Xian would have approached it.

Case in point, he suddenly remembered that the actress was actually married.

Erich married businessman Matteo Lorenzo in March this year.

It is said that upon realizing that the actress was taken, Xian did not dare to come closer.

He said he just turned back and wiped away tears.

Many netizens were touched but also felt sorry for Xian as there are those who are dissatisfied with him.

Reason for those who raised their eyebrows, he has seen it in other countries, how come he approached him just to say hi?

We are talking about countries in Europe, they say it’s okay if he was typecast or embarrassed, had he chanced upon Erich anywhere in the country?

Besides, it was 2017 when he was flying. Maybe it’s been so long that Erich has forgotten that too.

It is said that Xian is not only sawsawero…he is also echosero! Ronnie Carrasco III

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