There is nothing wrong with PBBM going to Singapore – Dalipe

There is nothing wrong with PBBM going to Singapore – Dalipe

MANILA, Philippines- House Majority Leader Mannix Dalipe defended President Bongbong Marcos in the criticism he received after going to Singapore and attending an F1 Grand Frix event.

According to Dalipe, President Marcos’ visit to Singapore was due to an invitation.

“There was also an invitation, if im not mistaken yung invitation is for leaders of Southeast Asia,” paliwanag ni Dalipe.

Dalipe said that based on the information he received, there was an invitation to officials from South East Asia and since the Philippines is one of the leaders in Southeast Asian countries, it was inevitable that the President would also be invited.

“So I think the government officials of Singapore, to my undestanding, were inviting officials from different parts of the South East Asia. So because if you can recall, in the recent trip, they went to Indonesia, our dear President went to Singapore, and I think that is where that invitation was relayed. So not only dear President Marcos was invited to Singapore for that event but also other leaders from other parts of Southeast Asia. And I think it so happened that it is an event for them to get together and socialize. I think there is nothing with that,” Dalipe explained in an ambush interview with reporters.

Several groups initially criticized President Marcos for flying to Singapore to watch an international racing event, the two-day event was held at the Marina Bay Street Circuit from September 30 to October 2.

People’s Secretary General Renato Reyes said that this trip by President Marcos is a manifestation of his numbness while the country is suffering from the low exchange rate of the peso to the dollar, the effects of the pandemic, the devastation of typhoon Karding and other problems that have been created just watched an international event.

“So why does the President think it’s okay to take a private jet to Singapore to watch the return of the F1 Grand Prix? How much are the Filipino taxpayers paying for this trip?”pahayag nito.

It also criticized the jet-setting lifestyle” of President Marcos, which does not fit the Office of the President.

“We are approaching the first 100 days in office of Marcos and it has been one party after another since he returned to Malacanang. The jet-setting lifestyle is incompatible with the Office of the President. The people demand a concrete response to the economic crisis, not a partying president,” pagtatapos pa ni Reyes. Gail Mendoza

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