The Justice Party’s party election

The Justice Party's party election

The Justice Party’s full-fledged election for party offices began, including the party representative, as well as vice-presidents, national members, party delegates, and regional chairpersons. I hope that it will become a starting point for the progressive leftist party that goes beyond the experience of the past 10 years.

#1_The Justice Party _buried by the proportional representatives

The last decade of the Justice Party has been immersed in the election of proportional representatives. Therefore, field and regional activities were pushed back, and only each faction fought fiercely to occupy the upper ranks and enter the park.

In addition, key figures within the party, such as Shim Sang-jung and Lee Jeong-mi, tried to expand their political and factional influence by supporting unverified figures in the proportional elections under the guise of recruiting talented people to be ranked at the top. As a result, long-established and verified party activists were excluded from the elections.

The new recruits were virtually neglected as individual politicians who act according to individual interests and issues rather than aggregate activities based on the party’s platform. Many of those who went through such a process cut off their political activities inside and outside the party, let alone breaking through the region after completing their proportional tenure, resulting in wasting only party power.

#2_separate soup

Through our Party’s program, “Our Path, Our Dream,” “We want to share the historical experience of the world’s progressive political parties that have practiced freedom, equality, solidarity, ecology, and peace, and the achievements of social democracy that achieved a welfare state in Korea in the 21st century. We will develop it creatively according to the needs of the people.” and stipulates that our party’s identity is ‘social democracy’.

However, individual party members as well as influential political parties within the party, such as the LDP and left-wing groups, only formally call for a ‘just welfare state’, a policy derived from social democracy, and do not agree with the identity of our party as “social democracy” for various reasons. .

Thus, over the past decade, the Justice Party’s program has been a dead one, and even discussing identity has been tacitly taboo. Without identity education based on the party program, each party member did not even know that social democracy was the core ideology of our party, and each had their own interpretations of progressive liberalism and free marketism.

The party’s ideological and philosophical disappearance is bound to stumble. Naturally, each policy laid out required a reinterpretation according to the political situation at that time, and the party was swayed by the current like a sailboat in a storm, and was fooled by the <2nd Company Frame> of the two large conservative parties.

#3_identity_clearly_doing_party representative

At the 11th regular party congress on September 17, our party resolved to complete the re-establishment of the party within 2023, including amendments to the program, party name, and party constitutional rules.

When we look back at our society, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The polarization of assets and income is deepening, decent jobs are shrinking, and the discriminatory structure in the labor market is becoming entrenched. Therefore, furthermore, the harmful effects of capitalism, the cause of global inequality and climate crisis, are reaching extremes.

Therefore, the next party leader must be a party leader with a firm ideology and philosophy for overcoming the capitalist system. I pray that you will cast off the ambiguity of not being able to call your older brother your older brother, and your father as your father, and promote the establishment of an identity that matches the name of the party, such as the Social Democratic Party (Social Democracy) and the Socialist Party (Socialism), and, of course, reform the name of the party. hope

#4_post corona_of the times_of socio-economic policy_transform

We cannot go back to the pre-COVID-19 past. It is necessary to change the overall national system to move forward as an alternative society beyond the post-corona era in which uncertainty such as rapid changes in the social system has expanded.

Based on the 2020 pre-tax income, the top 10% accounted for 46.5%, which is nearly half, while the bottom 90% share the other half (53.5%), the inequality index is getting worse day by day. But real estate is even worse. The top 1% own 55% and the top 10% own 97.6% of real estate. Therefore, it is time for an extreme resource redistribution policy to resolve inequality.

It is necessary to realize a high level of tax justice to prepare for the post-corona era where fiscal spending is bound to increase. It is necessary to increase the disposable income of the people and expand the social safety net by expanding free medical care, free education, and child allowance, and institutionalizing the basic income system, national income security insurance, and employment security system. In addition, it is necessary to seek a change in the welfare paradigm that limits corporate welfare and accommodates all existing private welfare in the national framework.

Legislate the ‘Wage Workers Fund’ so that workers’ companies, employee stock ownership system (ESOP) and profit sharing system, labor-management joint decision system for participation in worker management, and labor unions can jointly accumulate corporate assets. At the same time, it institutionalized workers’ participation in corporate boards, and at the same time, education and medical care. Social public goods such as railways, electricity, communications, and gas are socialized.

The state should make various efforts to minimize the asset gap among members of the national community. The ‘basic worker’s income system’, in which the state compulsorily guarantees assets of 30 million won to beginners in society, and the ‘wage cap system’, which prevents the maximum annual salary of a public company from exceeding 20 times the minimum annual salary of the company, the maximum amount of tax and income deduction for high-income earners. A system to minimize the asset gap should be legislated, such as the limiting ‘deduction ceiling system’.

Incidentally, the ‘National Employment Insurance System’ has been promoted by the Moon Jae-in government. However, in order to overcome the prolonged Corona era, a much stronger “National Income Guarantee Insurance” system is needed. Although unemployment insurance provides benefits only in the state of unemployment, the ‘National Income Guarantee Insurance’ is a system that guarantees that you can receive your usual income even if you are not unemployed.

The ‘Employment Guarantee System’ is a system that guarantees full employment by hiring all citizens who want a job at the national or village enterprises, social cooperatives, and NGOs for a certain period of time at the minimum wage level.

#5_progressive power_for_manure_let’s be.

The following argument is mind-boggling because it limits the right to be elected, but I have to say it. Those who have been elected as the leader of the Justice Party or the National Assembly at least once in the past 10 years should not run for the party leader in this election.

Proportional representatives recommending the resignation of the National Assembly A general vote of party members was rejected. But we have to take seriously the fact that 40% of party members who are not organized voted in favor. Although I was against it for various reasons, I couldn’t help but be very surprised when I confirmed the party’s feelings. One of the reasons is that the 10 years of failure of the Justice Party could not be seen as the responsibility of only five proportional members.

As mentioned earlier, it would not be enough to point out twice that over the past 10 years, key figures within the party, such as Shim Sang-jung and Lee Jeong-mi, the leading star politicians of our party, have tried to expand their political and factional influence through proportional elections.

Therefore, as diagnosed by the ‘Innovation Lieutenant’, I sincerely hope that the Justice Party’s evaluation of the past 10 years will be taken seriously and that the members of the Justice Party will show the newly reborn Justice Party in front of the people in this election.

Does the Justice Party block it from the people because there are so few people? Is there no reason to fall into the abyss again while listening to slanders such as ‘Shim Sang-jung on the road’ and ‘Jeong-mi Lee on the road’? I’m sorry, but let the prominent politicians in the party become fertilizer for the ‘progressive power’!

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